Benefits of Shopping through Blogshop in Singapore

Sun, 2015-05-03

Blogshop has been a popular online shopping platform. It is a consumer based retail business that uses blogging platforms. Blogshop is especially popular in Singapore and most of the blogshops start with selling clothes and accessories. So what are the benefits that blogshops offer?


Blogshops offer convenience that is more hassle free and time saving

Unlike physical shops that mostly have regular business hours, blogshops never close. You can do online shopping without needing to commute the trains or taking taxis and going through the crowds. Blogshops are online and you can buy anything at anytime and anywhere. In fact, you do not have to rush over to stores before they close after having an exhausted day at work. Moreover, blogshops enable you to find your favourite products easily without having to go over stores by stores and even sometimes, you might go home empty handed as not every shops sell the products you are fond of.


Besides opening 24/7, blogshops allow you to pay conveniently. Depending on the blogshops, you can have different payment options that could be done easily online. Living in the modern word, consumers do not have to withdraw a lot of cash when doing transactions.


Blogshops deliver goods and products straight to your doorstep

Blogshops deliver goods directly to the buyers, or if the buyers wish to, they can do self-collection at their own convenience. Customers could buy, pay and get their ordered products without leaving the comfort of their very home.


Send gifts to your friends and family by buying items through blogshops

Blogshops make it easy for consumers to choose something and have it sent directly to a friend, colleague, or family. With blogshops, there is no need to walk in to a retail shop, choose the product, buy, carry it home, wrap it up and deliver it on your own. Moreover, you do not have to worry that the product will be lost in the delivery process or it will never reach the recipient’s house. Blogshops can do all these for you and good blogshops will be able to update your order status from time to time.


Buying from blogshops gives you more privacy

One of the benefits when you shop online is that customers do not have stand publicly in a shop requesting or looking for products they want, especially customers who are shy and do not comfortable in making more requests publicly.


In conclusion, blogshop is an emerging new trend in Singapore that offers convenience to consumers.

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