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Lovely Prints for the Unique You!

Tired of the rainy, grey and gloomy start of the year? And tired of the same mono-coloured clothes you’ve been seeing around? It’s time to add some fun, excitement and personality to your wardrobe! And we are sooo ready to provide you with just the right items!

Look 1. Floral Square Neck Crop Top (Light Yellow / White)

A dainty floral print! Oooh, the perfect touch of femininity, a truly timeless classic! With its delicate buds, ruched detailing that takes any weight off, you'll feel like a breath of fresh air piercing right through the dense clouds or heavy rain. Pair it with literally any bottom, you’re so ready to bring some sunshine with you, wherever you go!

Make a statement in this colour block dress! With its bold, contrasting colours between the main bodice and the hem, you’re sure to be the beam of sunshine, turning heads and warming hearts wherever you go! Strategically positioned just below the immediate optical centre of focus, the colour blocking is bold, whilst bearing absolutely no risk of being even remotely overpowering. Pair it with your favourite pair of sandals, so sophisticated and chic!

Did we make an error by featuring the same item twice? No we didn’t! Unless it’s a considered a mistake to be just too versatile? Simply unzip, and zip! Replaced hem equals a completely fresh look! With its bright yet harmonious colours and semi-abstract shapes, this dress is full of playfulness, personality, uniqueness and fun! Perfectly showing off uniquely YOU, in just any occasion imaginable!

A stunning co-ord set that will have everyone talking! Consisting of a slightly cropped top and a flowy A-line skirt, this gorgeous (and absolutely flattering) ensemble features a colourful and eye-catching abstract print against vibrant hues of blue, lilac, or white - sure to make you stand out from the crowd in the best possible way! Plus, the lightweight fabric is so breezy and comfortable, just ideal for tropical weather!

In conclusion, we love solid-coloured clothing of course! But we also love to be providing you with ways to express YOUR unique style and spice things up for YOU! Whether you prefer dainty floral prints, bold colour blocking or abstract prints, we’ve got all the bases covered. So why not try something new and add a patterned piece (or more) to your collection today? 💖


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