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Colour Styling Tips with TFL

Wondering how to pair your outfits? Expressing yourself through the colours of your clothings? We have come up with a few colour combinations or colour styling tips to share with you! Be it the classic monochrome colours, or a more feminine look, we got you covered~ Colour Combis with TFL


Feeling like you wanna have a feminine look today? Soft and muted tones and/or pastel colours are the hues to search for on the days you wish to channel a soft and gentle look. Here, we suggest a cream top and pastel pink pants, add on a cardigan if you wish to.


Not interested in wearing bright colours and wishing for a simple look? The neutral colours will express your stable mood, and present a balanced style. White, cream and brown are the typical shades to go for. Try our Jen Flutter Sleeves Top & Mitchell Pleated Shorts - suitable for weekends, casual occasions and cafe hopping.


Want to add more vibrance and liveliness to your life by pairing contrasting colours into your outfit? We hear you and feel you! There are days when you wish to spice up your life and don on brighter colours and/or contrasting tones. Be it a colourblock dress, or matching warm and coll/neutral tones together, you will be able to find your fit at The Fleur Label. Check out our boat neck sleeveless top and classic pants with elastic waistband, which are availale in various colours, so you can pick and create your own pretty fit in an easy and fuss-free manner!


Brown hues and denim are always good pairings. Such colour combinations make you look good and yet adhere to your wishes of not being too striking in the crowd. Match our Clara Cardigan + Crop Top in Coffee Brown and our Yvette Denim Skirt, and you are ready for smart casual occasions, brunch/dinner dates and/or even dress down days in office.


Black, white and grey are the classic colours, which are forever versatile and compatible with one another. Black top, white pants or vice versa - monochromatic styles are always workable and never out of trend. Check out our pairing of the flutter top and pleated skirt with belt in these colours - classy and sophisticated looks, aren't they?

Style with The Fleur Label and be ready for all your occasions 💕



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